THE NESTROYHOF INITIATIVE – The Struggle to Renew an International Center of Jewish Culture and Creativity in Contemporary Vienna

by Warren Rosenzweig, Artistic Director of the Jewish Theater of Austria

I. Re-establishing the Theater in the Nestroyhof
II. Fin-de-Siècle Architect Oskar Marmorek
III. The Cultural History of the Nestroyhof
IV. “Aryanization” in 1940 and Again in 1951 – Stolen Not Just Once but Twice
V. The Theater Today – Preservation & Desecration
VI. The Nestroyhof Initiative
VII. Vienna in the 21st Century: Renewal or Renewed Destruction?
VIII. Footnotes

I. Re-establishing the Theater in the Nestroyhof

The initiative to reestablish the international Jewish theater in the Nestroyhof presents a unique opportunity to restore a heritage site of major significance in a city whose contemporary greatness is largely inspired by the cultural history that the neglected landmark embodies.

Of equal importance, the initiative signals hope for the future of diversity and responsibility in Austria, while its success can contribute to Gentile-Jewish reconciliation.

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